Dermatuff are proud to announce that Dr. Alan McLeod has joined the business as an Associate Director. Here is an extract from an interview with Alan…

Alan is currently a consultant within health innovation support. He is a successful and highly experienced NHS innovation support professional with expertise in the areas of innovation evaluation, intellectual property assessment and protection, development of concept clarifying prototypes, obtaining feedback on innovations and licensee identification and negotiations.

His innovation support is based on a twenty-five-year career in medical device research and development. This is primarily in the development of textile implants for knee, shoulder, spine and aorta. Alan has been working alongside Dermatuff since 2015, however he continues to look forward to using his training and experience with performance textiles to ensuring Dermatuff’s product quality is at its full potential and continually innovating and improving.

Q: Why Dermatuff? 

Alan: ‘It’s such an obviously good product, that really works to protect elderly people but also to make a difference in someone’s quality of life. People that have had skin tears know how significant the injury is and how it can massively affect their day-to-day life.

Dermatuff can give them the confidence to be active and healthy with its protection, making it possible to walk, garden and move around their own home with confidence. It’s a good product and I’ve been involved with addressing the challenges that need to be overcome before it can be prescribed to people by the NHS.  That is the goal we are striving for. As the population ages more and more people will benefit from this product.’