When I was a boy the life expectancy for men was 60 and for women it was 65.  These days it is 78 for men and 82 for women.  It is a wonderful thing that due to many factors such as much better medical provision, a healthier lifestyle, a better quality of life and better education that our lives have been extended.

But it is a sad fact that in many ways our quality of life is not nearly as good as it should be; we are living much longer but in our old age are often suffering from illnesses and ailments which were previously not thought to be a problem.

Thinning skin, fragile skin and the resultant skin tears and leg ulcers are now a really serious problem for older people particularly those who have taken drugs such as steroids.

It is our Vision that with the aid of our Thin skin protection socks and sleeves this problem can be largely prevented thus allowing older people to avoid much suffering, go about with greater confidence and get much more enjoyment out of the latter part of their lives.

Not only can we do this for the population of our own country, the United Kingdom but we can do it for the whole world because people are suffering from this problem wherever people are living longer into their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and above.

We envisage saving millions of people from this handicap and from those very unpleasant and painful accidents and also saving the National Health Service and the medical providers of the world billions of pounds in expenditure dealing with the outcome of these little talked about accidents.  A Health Economist has calculated that full use of these stockings and sleeves could save the National Health Service over £1,000,000,000 per annum.

Beyond this we perceive that there are thousands of people taking part in sporting activities who frequently suffer from these skin-tear accidents who need not do so when we provide them with suitable simple, inexpensive protective wear.

We envisage marketing a wide range of these protective stockings and sleeves in different colours, different designs, lighter materials and for a whole range of different purposes.  It will become sensible and fashionable for the whole world to be wearing DERMATUff products for their own protection and greater enjoyment of life.

Peter Thornton, Joint Founder