The Condition of Fragile and Thin Skin: Causes and Protection

The condition of fragile and thin skin is more common than you might think. Most of us develop thin skin on our lower legs and forearms, which is mainly due to advancing years.

Potential Causes of Thin Skin

There are approximately 7.5 million people over the age of 70 in the UK and 42 million in the USA that are living alone. People first experience thin skin over the age of 60 and it gets worse the older we get. Thin skin is also due to primary medical conditions such as the long term use of steroids, sun exposure and inflammatory skin disease. Thinning skin can be very easily lacerated or torn by just a minor accidental bump against something hard. We have found that on average, people in this age group experience nearly 2 skin tears per year. That means a total of 15 million skin tears each year!

Peter Thornton had a skin tear on his right elbow after falling when carelessly not wearing Protective Sleeves

Peter Thornton had a skin tear on his right elbow after falling when carelessly not wearing Protective Sleeves. This simple fall resulted in 24 stitches.

Most people who buy on our e-commerce site suffer from at least one skin tear per week.

Thin skin and the resulting skin tears are a far greater problem than anybody ever imagined. It is not seen as a common ailment. Nobody says, “she has to be very careful, she has got thin skin!”.

Common Wounds Associated with Thin Skin

The common wounds from having thin skin are known as ‘skin tears’ or ‘skin flaps’ and need to be treated professionally and urgently. An ambulance may need to be called for a visit to Accident and Emergency. Repeat treatment will be needed frequently, often going on for weeks. These skin tears can easily turn into leg ulcers which can take a year to heal with much inconvenience and pain.

The Effect on Our Mental Health

Possibly the worst result of all from such a minor bump is the loss of confidence; sufferers become very afraid of repeat injury. Moving around the house becomes a risky experience, walking the dog, gardening and playing a sport are often avoided with other consequences to our health.

Protection for Thin Skin

Many people caring for elderly family members worry greatly about them bumping themselves and getting skin tears. They would much rather prevent skin tears than deal with them after the event. Dermatuff offer the solution with our thin skin arm protectors and leg protectors. To find out more information about protection for thin skin and the Dermatuff solution, please click here. If you wish to read more about the features and benefits of the Dermatuff system, click here.

Further Information

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