The patient, in his mid-60’s, was one of the first people to answer the call for volunteers to try out the innovative socks, which are aimed at preventing skin tears by protecting the skin.
When nurse Beryl Pym went to the man’s home to measure him for the socks, she was shocked by what she saw: “I was horrified to see that both legs and feet were completely black. I could not feel a Tibial pulse at ankle level, or a Piedal pulse on his feet.

He told me that due to the pain, he had to hang his legs out of bed at night, in order to get any sleep at all. This is a typical scenario for patients with severe lower limb vascular impairment.”
Beryl was concerned that the man’s legs were in such a state, he may have been facing a double amputation. But despite considerable difficulty in fitting the socks, the results were instantenous:
“Immediately, he could feel the difference and was delighted with the comfort and support they gave..”
There was a further improvement at Beryl’s next visit three months later: “He had not sustained any skin tears and his general condition appeared to be much better. His sleep pattern was also improved because he didn’t have such severe pain at night.
And there was a further, dramatic, change at the end of the six months study: “Crucially, the man had not had to undergo any surgery: “Amazingly, he still had his legs, the colour had improved, some of the swelling had subsided and his pain levels were reduced. He was absolutely thrilled with what he called his ‘Magic Socks’. which even though they were washed every day, were as comfortable as the first day he started wearing them. He rated the socks as ten out of ten and said they had given him his life back.”