A few weeks ago a customer told us that he had been advised by his GP Practice Nurse to try wearing footballers’ shinpads to protect him from the frequent skin tears that he was experiencing on his legs.

On looking around on the Internet for a source for shinpads I’m pleased to say that he came across our products and decided to buy some with which he has been very satisfied.

It is remarkable that now that our products are getting to be quite well-known that this advice to try wearing shinpads is still quite common in an attempt to stop skin tears.

I can say from personal experience that shinpads are an extremely unsatisfactory and practically unworkable solution in skin tear prevention. About six or seven years ago I was beginning to experience a really serious problem of skin tears as the quality of my skin deteriorated due to advancing years and the use of steroids.

This was well before the date of my invention of Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves; which offer high quality and tested Arm and Leg Skin Tear Protection, and most importantly skin tear prevention. I did the obvious thing, I asked my GP for some sort of remedy or protective product and he could propose nothing except to say “you’ll just have to be more careful”.

I went on a skiing holiday and decided that I just had to do something to protect my legs and forearms, I tried shinpads. They were a total failure; would not stay in position, swivelled round, slipped down, were very uncomfortable; they were hot, stiff and inflexible and only covered one half of the limb, whereas Dermatuff leg skin tear prevention systems provide full protection of the desired area as well as being comfortable.

During the skiing I had a bad fall, the shinpads on my arm had swivelled out of position and only covered half of my arm. I experienced a very bad skin tear anyway.

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