We are delighted to welcome our new Norwegian distributors Karianne and Trygve to the Dermatuff team and are very excited with their plans to further develop awareness of our products in Norway. Karianne Viken and Trygve Overli have been appointed as exclusive distributors of Dermatuff in Norway. Trygve works as a license advisor and has experience with sales and distribution of software. Here Is Karianne’s story and how Dermatuff personally helped her.  

By the age of five, Karianne was diagnosed with the chronic disease Diabetes 1. 

After 30 years her condition resulted in kidney failure and other severe and serious complications. Her only option for survival was to undergo an organ transplant. In 2009 her transplant was a success, with Karianne gaining a new functioning kidney and pancreas. Karianne is now free of both kidney failure and diabetes 1.  

For her body to accept these new organs; she must depend on immunosuppressive drugs, like cortisone, for the rest of her life. Both Diabetes 1 and daily cortisone treatment after the transplant has made her skin, especially shins, thin and fragile. She easily gets bruises and serious tears in the skin by simply doing everyday tasks, which do not heal easily. Everything from shopping bags, car doors, dog claws, bike pedals, counters and twigs pose a risk to her.  

In a desperate attempt to search for protection against the daily challenges, she discovered Dermatuff in England. The company make protection products using Kevlar®  by DuPont, with these challenges in mind. 

“I can feel a different kind of safety and confidence when I’m wearing this protection on my legs. The fear in my head is almost gone. And the best part is that they’re so comfortable” Karianne (Feb. 2020).