Following on from #LonelinessAwarenessWeek last week, this week is #WorldWellbeingWeek and the NHS suggests 5 steps to improve mental well-being.

1. Connect – Spend time with the people around you (friends, family, neighbours etc.). If you feel that you don’t have someone to connect with, see our blog post about charities that help to tackle loneliness.

2. Be active – Go for a bike ride, a walk, a run – whatever you fancy to get active!

3. Keep learning – There’s lots of ways to learn new things that interest you – YouTube has a plethora of how-to videos if you wish to learn a new skill or hobby. You can also see if there are any clubs in your local community that will aid with learning a new skill or hobby.

4. Give to others – Even a simple smile could brighten a stranger’s day 🙂 Or if you have the time, volunteering your time can be a worthwhile way to help others.

5. Be mindful – Practice self-awareness, be mindful of yourself and the world around you.

Click to read the full NHS article for more useful advice regarding well-being.