“Retired chocolate-maker Peter Thornton has launched a range of garments to protect fragile skin – made from the same material as stab-proof vests. The 80-year-old hopes his Dermatuff socks, gloves and sleeves will help those older Britons who suffer skin tears.

‘About five years ago I noticed that a minor knock to my leg led to a tear in the skin,’ says Peter. ‘It was painful and healing was difficult. It also knocked my confidence about doing everyday things such as working in the garden.’

He set about finding a solution, and the result is the Dermatuff range that contain Kevlar fibres. Clinical trials are now under way, funded by the prestigious National Institute of Health Research.”

Full article can be read at (scroll down to bottom of article): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2516022/Health-Notes-Tess-Daly-salutes-Everyday-Heroes.html