• In the United Kingdom we thought that we had enjoyed our best summer for many years in 2013 followed by probably our worst winter. Remarkably now 2014 has also been a beautiful summer.
  • Each year, every day dawned brightly with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine, we enjoyed it whilst we could because usually it only happens about once every six years.
  • Not surprisingly this provoked quite a number of telephone calls to us asking whether the Socks, because they look quite thick cause overheating.
  • When we were designing the socks we took great care to ensure that they would be wearable and comfortable in a wide range of temperatures in most of the countries of the world.
  • The result is that in our experience the Socks do not cause overheating at all in fact rather the contrary they seem to have a cooling effect.
  • Likewise in winter they have a warming effect, it’s all down to the simple fact that the construction of the socks provides a good insulator. They keep the heat in when they need to and keep it out when they need to.
  • So they have more uses than just Thin Skin Protection.