Dermatuff Arm ProtectorsWhen we first started manufacturing our Thin Skin Protection Socks we soon recognised from the number of requests that we were getting that there was also a strong demand for Thin Skin Arm Protectors or Protection for Arms.

This is because the skin of the forearms suffers thinning in the same way that the skin of the lower legs. We soon began designing these Thin Skin Arm Protectors therefore using the same principles that we use for the Protective Socks.

They utilise impact resistant yarns purpose, spun from the hard Aramid, Kevlar® by DuPont together with elasticated nylon and a specialist weaving method. The purpose spun yarn creates a mesh of loops on the inside of the Sleeves, also a flat, slightly ribbed surface on the outside. The looping cushions impact and the purpose spun yarn gives further cut, tear, shear and abrasion resistance.

The combination of the materials and construction also provides additional impact resistance in a similar manner to body armour. The elasticated nylon creates considerable stretchiness so that the Protective Sleeves will fit a wide range of arm diameters within each size without applying excess pressure.

Many of our customers who prefer not to have their feet covered when wearing Protective Socks have tried wearing the Protective Sleeves on their legs. This has proved perfectly satisfactory but we would suggest to people who use the Sleeves in this way than they should ensure for themselves that the Sleeves do not feel tight in any way as there is a chance that this could restrict blood circulation.

Because of this increasing requirement to use the Sleeves on legs then we have added a table to the website which shows the minimum dimensions of the Sleeves so then by measuring your legs you can ensure that you get the nearest fit.