We develop, manufacture and supply Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves for people with thinning or fragile skin.

It is DERMATUff’s vision that with the aid of our fragile skin protection socks and sleeves, injuries from thin skin can be largely prevented.

About us

It is our mission to provide simple, wearable, inexpensive fragile skin protection for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities. Initially, we wish to help the elderly who, with advancing years, are at increasing risk of serious injury and loss of confidence; particularly from fragile and weak skin disorder. We start with fragile or thin skin tear prevention.  In the future, we hope to introduce different products for those taking part in risky work or leisure activities that will in turn reduce skin tears. 


Dermatuff was created by Peter Thornton and Nick Pitts and is managed by Nick Pitts. Nick has long term experience in innovating, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling a wide range of products.


Peter Thornton suffered with thin skin and experienced many serious skin tears and leg ulcers. His suffering led to the realisation of the need for thin skin protection socks and sleeves. Peter wore the stockings for years and in that time, he did not receive any wounds to his legs. Dermatuff products were developed over a period of 4 years, with advice and assistance of many experts in the protective clothing, stocking manufacture and medical fields.

Our vision

It is Dermatuff’s vision that with the aid of our fragile skin protection socks and sleeves, injuries from thin skin can be largely prevented. We hope to help our customers regain their confidence and get far more enjoyment out of the latter part of their lives. Thinning skin, fragile skin and the resultant skin tears and leg ulcers are a serious problem for older people. Particularly those who have taken medication such as steroids. In addition, we perceive that there are many people taking part in sporting activities who frequently suffer from these skin tear accidents. Therefore, our fragile skin protection products are not just for the elderly: anyone that suffers with thin skin or skin tears can benefit from our products.

Improving our quality of life

When Peter Thornton was a boy, the life expectancy for men was 60 and for women it was 65. These days it is 78 for men and 82 for women. It is a wonderful thing that our lives have been extended. This is a result of improved medical provision, a healthier lifestyle, a better quality of life and better education. However, it is a sad fact that in many ways, our quality of life is not nearly as good as it should be. We are living much longer but in our old age, we often suffer from illnesses and ailments which were previously not thought to be a problem. As a result, these products were produced to improve the quality of life for thin skin sufferers.

Our future

Our vision is not bound just to the United Kingdom. Call us ambitious, but we want to help people that suffer with thinning skin from all around the globe. We envisage saving millions of people from this handicap and from those very unpleasant and painful accidents. Dermatuff products could help save the NHS and medical providers millions of pounds in expenditure dealing with the outcome of these accidents. Going forward, we aspire to produce a wide selection of protective socks and sleeves in different colours, designs, lighter materials and for a variety of purposes. Finally, our wish is for people all over the world to be wearing Dermatuff products for their own protection and greater enjoyment of life.

Why Dermatuff?

  • Products are made using Aramid Fibres.
  • Our products come in different sizes.
  • Dermatuff products are a Class one Registered Medical Device.
  • We have a partnership with the NHS.
  • Products are made in Britain.

Special Mentions

Particularly we would like to mention management, staff and residents of Care Homes in the South West of England where residents took part in the trials including: Southgarth, Resthaven, Exmouth House, Manor Lodge, Cranford, Halsdown, and Palm Court.