Eileen Cole, who kindly published a testimonial for us recently had suffered multiple skin tears which, through no fault of hers were very costly for the NHS.

The Cost per Treatment

For example one skin tear took 8 weeks to heal, there were 2 dressings a week by the surgery nurse. That is 16 dressings/consultations. Using NHS cost data from a survey in 2006/7 the total cost of a nurses time was £45 per hour (this is not of course the figure that the nurse personally receives but also includes all applicable overhead costs). She can carry out (on average) four consultations per hour which means that the cost of one consultation would be £11. And the cost of 16 consultations £180.

Eileen had 7 separate skin tears during 2016, so that the total cost for the nurses time for one year would have been £1260. Assuming that the cost of the dressings each time would have been about £3. Then the cost of dressings for the year would have been 16 x 7 x £3 equals £336.

Total annual cost therefore is £1260 plus £336 equals £1596,

Cost of two pairs of socks = £60 +VAT+ P&P =£75.50. Total saving to the NHS £1520.50.

Since she has been using DERMATUFF Thin Skin Protection Wear she has experienced no more skin tears.

By this one action Eileen has saved herself from further injury and the NHS from spending £1520 each year to repair her skin tears.