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 31 reviews
 by Kate
Sleeve - Purpura

A must for anyone who suffers from Senile / Batemans Purpura. I am now able to do my house work without looking as if I have been wrestling with a hedgehog. I was a bit wary as they look as if they could be heavy and hot. They are not. I was surprised at how light weight and cool they are to wear even in the really hot weather. I have ordered another pair.

 by Sheila shanks
Great product with amazing customer service and support

My husband uses the cuffs as leg guards, he is diabetic, suffers from leg ulcers and small knocks can start them off. The guards have saved him several times when bumbling round the garden and garage. More recently he had a pair purchased for him as a gift. Unfortunately there was a manufacturing fault with the stitching. Within a few hours of us contacting the company they had sent an apology and replacement arrived within 3 days. What geat customer service. We are very impressed. We have been recommending the product to everyone and now can share the company ethos of great customer service. Thankyou Dermatuff.

 by Sheila Taylor
Sleeve protectors

Loving my sleeve protectors. Have had a couple of bad cuts and tears recently so felt I needed to act. Feel very comfy and yes, feel more confident.
Many thanks.

 by Debbie
one week free of bruises

Thank you so much for your fantastic product I am a week free of new bruises on my arms , carn’t wait for my leg protectors to arrive, I will be able to wear my short sleeve tops with confidence without having to explain my bruises to people. Thank you again and I will definetly tell people about your product I have already told my doctor and forwarded your link to the site . Thank you again. Debbie

 by Mollie Smith

These are FANTASTIC, I Can’t understand how my legs are ALWAYS comfortable whatever the weather, just having a HEAT WAVE, yet they remain cool. I only wear them when i have dog Visitors, I’m nearly 90 so can’t keep one myself. They really are so good, how lucky I am to have found them. Thankyou.

Mollie Smith of Kirkby Lonsdale, England.

 by Gerda

Why do so few people know about your wonderful product and why is it so hard to find? My mother in law has been sufferering from fragile skin for some time. For the past three months, she has been recovering from a major skin tear which occurred during a bike ride. Her leg hit her bike’s pedal as we were waiting to cross the road. Realizing that this situation could be a turning point in her super active lifestyle, I ordered your socks and arm sleeves – not after having spent quite a bit of time on the internet to discover your wonderful product. It is abosolutely not evident to find your product if you do not know of its existence and even more so if you live outside the UK and are not a native English speaker. My mother in law is very pleased with your products and has recommended them to other people. She only finds it a pity that they do not come in prettier colours…

Thanks Gerder! It is frustrating that thin skin is relatively unknown still but awareness is improving. As for colours, we are working on it but Kevlar is naturally bright yellow, it can be dyed black but colours are difficult.

 by Sandra Steward
Absolutely brilliant

I have been using these products for a few years and the difference that they have made to my life is huge. I have very fragile skin due to steroid use and suffered many bad skin tears prior to discovering these limb protectors. Without them I would have no confidence being in crowded places, nor would I be comfortable near excitable grandchildren whom I was always having to keep at arm’s length. These protectors have changed my life - the number of injuries that I have avoided have been innumerable. Thank you so much. Please never stop making them !!!

 by Sean
Update to my review of Jne 2018

Ordered a pair in June 2018 and now have 6 pairs. A lady dropped her suitcase on my leg shortly after I started wearing the socks , normally I would dread the result of such a minor accident but the socks prevented any cuts or skin damage .I can also carry out gardening with peace of mind. Thank You!

 by sean
Newly arrived Socks

Having spent several years nursing slow healing cuts on my ankles and lower legs I trawled the net and found Dermatuff and decided to try a pair of the socks. Delivery took two days. I am 6 ft 4 in tall with a large frame and size 12 feet, the large size is a very good fit. If there protective qualities live up to reviews I will order a few more pairs.

 by Alison Smith
Prevents Skin Tears

I am sight impaired with chronic lung disease. The steroids I take make the skin on my arms very fragile. Being blind in one eye and with problems in the other and no depth perception I constantly bump into door handles and door frames. I had two nasty skin tears in six weeks. Since I have worn the Dermatuff protectors, I haven't torn my arm once. Thank you all so much a wonderful product.

 by Marigold

Dear Peter,
I am delighted to tell you about my experience with your wonderful Dermatuff Thin Skin Protection Socks for Skin Tear Prevention. When I read about them in a catalogue delivered through the post, I only bought one pair in case they provided no help for me. My right leg and foot is fine, good circulation and no varicose veins. The left leg is very different: for years I have had varicose veins, very poor circulation, and virtually always it is discoloured dark red and purple. Nearly 20 years ago I had a nasty accident and broke my left ankle and had to have it pinned and plated. Two years after that I got a nasty infection in the operation scar and had the metalwork removed. After two operations there was a lot of scar tissue and I had numerous ulcers over the next years, causing numerous visits to the GP Surgery for the nurses to dress them and a visit to a hospital to see a Vascular Surgeon. He confirmed that the problems were caused by scar tissue and bad circulation. So my grandchildren have all grown up with the family catch-phrase "Mind Granny's Ankle"! So I bought a pair of Dermatuff socks with not much enthusiasm thinking there was nothing at this late stage to help. Imagine my great delight and almost self denial when after wearing them for 24 hours my left leg and ankle was lovely and warm, no aching from the varicose veins and the colour a beautiful pink, like the right leg. The scar itself looks even better and it is a great pleasure to wear the socks every day. I have ordered another pair now. For years I had to wear support socks which was better than nothing, but the Dermatuff ones are brilliant. So a happy New Year to you and a big thankyou from a very satisfied and happy customer.
Marigold xx

 by Anne w
Peace of mind is priceless

I wish I had found these before, after several years now of skin tearing on my legs and so having to be extra careful all the time, feeling uncomfortable in busy places where the risk of knocks is great, finding these socks has been amazing. Knocks that would have torn the skin without them has left at most a bruise. They are comfy to wear and although they feel quite thick I find my feet get no hotter than in thin cotton socks.
They may seem expensive and I did consider long and hard spending the money on them but it was money well spent. Customer service has been fantastic too, thank you.

 by Eileen Cole
Satisfaction with Protectors

Just to let you know my satisfaction with your protectors.  Because of long
term medication my skin has become paper thin and I have suffered bad
injuries on my legs and arms. I was, therefore, extremely happy to find a
product which would help save these injuries. I have worn Dermatuff Thin
Skin Protectors for four months and in that time, I am very pleased to say,
have been injury free. Thank you for a wonderful product.

 by Nurse Beryl Pym (Health Care Professional)
Dermatuff Socks as a low-pressure compression sock

As a Health Care Professional of some 40 years’ experience I would like to bring to the attention of the visitors to your website an apparent unexpected benefit of Dermatuff.

During my many visits to participants in the Dermatuff Evaluation between 2013 and 2014 I began to notice that users of the Socks were experiencing a more general improvement in their overall health as a result of improved blood circulation in their legs. People who have severe lower limb vascular impairment can suffer considerable pain particularly at night. Their legs can take on a black appearance which gradually worsens. If action cannot be taken to alleviate the symptoms, then amputation is eventually the only solution.

Circulation can be improved by applying pressure to the legs but the question is always how much pressure? The risk of this is that too much pressure can easily be applied thus worsening the situation. The skilled and experienced nurse can, when applying bandages judge exactly what pressure she should apply. The shortcut and less flexible solution is to prescribe compression stockings calibrated to apply an exact pre-calibrated pressure.

The problem about this is that the lowest pressure calibration for a compression stocking is Class 1 RAL (18-21 mmHg). When we designed our Thin Skin Protection Socks we took steps to ensure that the pressure applied by the Socks would normally be about 8-10 mmHg. We decided that this would avoid any risk to patients caused by the use of unexpected pressure, while still allowing sufficient pressure to prevent them from slipping down. It now appears from considerable experience in the use of Dermatuff Socks that this low-pressure can also have a very beneficial effect on blood circulation in addition to the planned action of preventing skin tears.

 by Elaine Wickenden
Recommend Dermatuff products

I recently purchased two pairs of your Dermatuff Socks for my mother and just had to write to say how pleased we both are that I did. During recent times my mother was finding that the slightest knock to her legs would result in broken skin and bruising which took ages to heal, she began to dread any task that involved the possibility of her legs being knocked. However since discovering the Dermatuff Socks she is able to take to tasks with renewed confidence, gardening has once again become a pleasure. We would both recommend Dermatuff products without hesitation and will definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future.

 by Morag Cottrell
Brilliant idea

I was recently delighted to come across a description of your product in the September issue of the ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine. A brilliant idea! It is on page 86 under a sub-heading – ‘5 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Health In September, Help Thin Skin’. Having a husband who takes Warfarin on a daily basis and does, as a result, along with the effects of age, suffer from thin skin – I was especially interested. He also enjoys DIY but of course this frequently gives rise to knocks, bruises, abrasions and cuts! In an attempt to provide him with some degree of protection, I fitted him out with my own version of arm protectors consisting of double layers of the tubular bandage ‘Tubigrip’ which has been fairly successful. However, of course your product, incorporating Kevlar sounded ideal and I wasted no time in ordering them online. In fact they arrived today, are comfortable, a perfect fit and have now been given a place next to his tool box! So a big thank you from us both for hopefully a future with less trauma in the Cottrell household!

 by Isabelle Garcia
Didn't have any rubbing

Recently I went on a skiing holiday and wore the socks under my ski boots. I didn’t have any rubbing from the boots, thanks to the socks. I think the colour of the socks (Grey/Navy) is practical and I would definitely wear them again! Isabelle Garcia Age 16.

 by Carole
Socks are wonderful

I think the socks are wonderful.

My mom wore them on Sunday to play a few holes of golf – something she has always ended up with a cut on her leg, and she did actually trip a bit, and nothing happened! Another time, we would have ended up in hospital. So, thanks. They’re a great product.

 by Grant C Slavin
Revolutionary Product

Thank you so much for your response. It means a lot to our family. Keep up the good work, you are helping people all over the world with your revolutionary product. Thanks Dermatuff!

 by Bill Maynard
Reduces the pain considerably

I don's suffer from thin skin in either the physical or the metaphorical sense but what I do have is very painful arthritis in my elbows. The gentle pressure applied by Dermatuff Sleeves reduces the pain considerably.

 by Elsie Jahme
Your products are amazing

I am a carer for the elderly. I have to say I do think your products are amazing and if you have not already done so, I would tell all the Care Agencies and Care Homes out there about your products.

I would highly recommend them to any carers of the elderly who are dealing with skin tags and issues of thinning of the skin due to age.

 by Cindy Gaucher
Extremely pleased

I have received my order and want to thank you for all your help. Your product is exceptional. I had ordered a few other brands and was not able to use them for my father. They were either too thin or the size was not as stated. I am extremely pleased with these and so is my father. I thank you again for your help. I am sure I will be ordering again in the future.

 by Susan Dombrowski
Provided me relief

I am Susan Dombrowski, I am 57 years old and live in California. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, because of this I have very loose joints and very thin and stretchy skin. I always used to bruise easily, but entering my 50s, aging made the bruising even worse. Any little bump will cause huge bruises; anything more will cause tears and bleeding.

I had been looking for a skin protection product for a while, and now that I have found The Dermatuff products I would like to share with others how they have helped me.

I volunteer at our local senior centre and did not wear the Dermatuff sleeves for the first two days after I had received them because I was self-conscious. As a result I had bruises all over my arms those first days so I decided I would just wear the sleeves when I worked there.

The next day I wore them in and explained to the other workers why I wore them. They all agreed it was a good idea and one younger volunteer (mid 20s) thought they looked cute. I did not get any new marks while wearing them, so they definitely work. Now I wear them everywhere, without concern, to volunteer work, grocery store, doctor’s appointments, all around the house night and day.

This morning early I found that I had some new bruises just above where the sleeve ends but not where the sleeves had covered my arms, I must have scratched or something in my sleep.

The sleeves provided me relief for doing simple chores around the house. One of the greatest benefits was when doing laundry. It used to be a concern since any bump against the washer or dryer would cause bruising. We also like to travel across the USA on the train. Last summer we took the train and I was so bruised by the end of the trip because of all the bouncing around. We are planning another train trip and I intend to wear the sleeves all the time. I am hoping for the same excellent results as I have had at home. I recommend other Ehlers sufferers to give Dermatuff sleeves a go.

 by Helen Gray
Easy to put on

One of my residents whose skin is very frail and vulnerable was constantly causing herself skin tears. Once wearing Dermatuff socks this has not happened. The socks are easy to put on and although quite thick has suited this particular resident well as her legs are always cold. Once on, the socks remain in place until removed. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone and will definitely order more in the future if needed.

 by Hannah
Really helped to limit the damage done

We bought two sets of these sleeves and stockings for a lady with a long-term condition which means that her skin is extremely thin and tears incredibly easily. It was becoming a major problem in her life, so we looked on the internet for something that she could wear to protect her forearms and shins which were the areas where tears most commonly occurred. These sleeves/stockings have been amazing; they are comfortable and have really helped to limit the damage done from minor bumps as well as more serious knocks etc. They have been brilliant! We will be purchasing some more in the skin colour when they become available in a few weeks time.

 by Juanita Scott
I felt so much more confident

I felt so much more confident, in and out of aircraft, airports, rented cars etc this last weekend away.

 by Patricia Wilson
Not suffered any damage

I have weak skin on my legs and I bruise very easily. With the Dermatuff stockings I have not suffered any damage. My greatest pleasure and delight was when I hit my leg at home against a hard low metal radiator, and dreaded looking to see the damage, anticipating a gash or very bad tear, only to find that there was no damage at all. I could not believe it.

 by Martin
Amazing results

After having participated in the stocking trial and seen for myself the amazing results in preventing wounds such as skin flaps to the elderly residents in our care home, I am very pleased to be able to recommend them as such a simple yet effective wound prevention tool.

 by Val Baggott
Significantly reduced the risk of skin damage

We were very interested in being included in the trial for DERMATUFF protective socks. We proved that their use had significantly reduced the risk of skin damage to the legs of an individual who had previously sustained tears to very fragile skin. The socks proved comfortable to wear and laundered well.  DERMATUFF is a product that we consider every time, whenever we have an identified risk of skin damage to a resident’s legs.

 by Jo Broderick
Very interested

As Assistant Manager of a very busy, high dependency nursing home, I was very interested in trialling the stockings.

 by Nigel Morris
Saving the NHS cost and trouble

We had the opportunity to take part in the trials which Dermatuff ran in several local Care Homes and all I can say is, straightforwardly, the Stockings work and are very wearable. Our residents do not now have to suffer any longer the pain and debilitating effect of skin tears, it saves us the hassle of dealing with them and we are saving the NHS cost and trouble.