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Prevent Skin Tears by Using Dermatuff Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves.

    • the result of shearing, friction or blunt trauma that causes separation of skin layers. The subsequent wounds are partial or full thickness depending upon the degree of tissue damage.’ LeBlanc et al. (2007)
  • AN ‘UNKNOWN PROBLEM’ – Thin Skin and the consequent Skin Tears are a far greater problem than anybody ever imagined!
    • The average person or clinician doesn’t see it as a common ailment, nobody says “she has to be very careful she has got thin skin!”
  • THE PURPOSE of Dermatuff Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves is to PREVENT SKIN TEARS and bruises which commonly occur on the lower legs and forearms of elderly people.
  • SKIN CONDITION – For this to happen then it is normally necessary for the skin to be already “weak”, “thin” or “fragile”.
    • AGE – in practice people first experience thin skin over the age of 60 and it gets worse the older we get. So that by the 80s it can become very severe. Some people who buy on our e-commerce site suffer at least one skin tear per WEEK.
    • HEALTH CONDITION – illness, primary medical conditions such as the long term use of steroids, the long-term use of warfarin, sun exposure, smoking and inflammatory skin disease causes thinning or fragile skin.
    • SKIN CONDITION – A deterioration in sweat and gland secretion impairs skin moisture.
    • SKIN WASHING – Soap and shower gels (can contain detergent) and certain medications can also cause it.
  • TREATMENT OF SKIN TEARS- They need to be treated professionally and urgently.
    • An ambulance may need to be called for a visit to Accident and Emergency.
    • Repeat treatment will be needed frequently often going on for weeks.
    • These skin tears can easily turn into leg ulcers which can take a year to heal with much inconvenience and pain.
  • THE COST OF TREATING SKIN TEARS – The problem of dealing with skin tears is extremely expensive for health organisations all over the world.
    • For example, the International Wound Journal published research carried out in the Hull and East Riding area of Yorkshire into the cost of wound care locally.
    • It showed that in 2005-2006, this was up to £3 Million ($4.5 million) per 100,000 of the UK’s population.
  • THE WORST RESULT, THE LOSS OF CONFIDENCE – Probably the worst result of all from such a minor bump is the loss of confidence;
    • sufferers become very afraid of repeat injury.
    • Moving around the house becomes a risky experience,
    • walking the dog, doing the garden,
    • playing a sport are often avoided with other consequences to our health.
  • THE BURDEN FOR FAMILIES AND CARERS Many people caring for elderly family members worry greatly about them bumping themselves and getting skin tears.
  • CHOOSE PREVENTION WITH DERMATUFF Isn’t it much more sensible to PREVENT skin tears rather than deal with them after the event. Dermatuff is the way to do this.