I am an otherwise healthy man now 70 and still very much enjoy an active life. However my ability to keep this up has become very limited because I suffer from very vulnerable thin skin.

What happens is that I only have to knock my leg or particularly my shin lightly against something like the bike pedals to get a horrendous skin tear.

I was having a chat with one of the nurses at our doctor’s surgery who had been treating damage to one of my legs and she volunteered to say that she advised her many patients with similar problems to mine to buy some form of sports shin guard and it was while looking at the massive range of shin guards that we came across your DERMATUff socks, which act as a Fragile Skin Protector.

I am now wearing my Thin Skin Protector socks for the various activities that I get involved in where I think there is a potential risk to my legs and particularly playing golf, cycling, gardening and general chores round the house.  Since wearing them I do not believe I have had a single bruise or graze and they are fully living up to my expectations.

The observation I do have is that I think the right size is really important and I can imagine anyone wearing them when they were in fact too tight would be uncomfortable.  I am 5’10”, weigh about 12.5 stone, shoe size 8.5 – 9, and my calves and ankles are rather slimmer than they used to be.  I purchased MW and they are almost too big, but being slightly loose though still staying up makes them very easy to put on and take off. Unlike most men’s long socks and travel stockings they can be a relatively loose fit and still be self-supporting so it is important to get the right size and they don’t need to be too tight.

I recall having some difficulty in deciding what size would best suit me and in the end it was a guess which has worked out very satisfactorily.

My views are that I think the socks are a very good product with sizing being very critical, I would advise your customers to follow your guidelines on sizing very carefully when ordering the product. I would happily recommend your product to anyone who has similar problems to my own.


Tony Fernandez

20th February 2015