Living close to Dartmoor and having a young family who love walking and the outdoors I quite often find myself up there at the weekends being led along by my 15-year-old daughter who usually knows where she is going.

On this last occasion when we were looking for some geo-caches using our handheld Sat-Nav something went wrong and we had to struggle through a wide area of gorse which of course was covered in thorns.

The rest of my family soon started to complain about being prickled and scratched on their legs by these gorse bushes.  Not surprisingly because I was wearing my DERMATUff’s as I always do I did not experience a pricks or scratches.

Allowing you to walk through prickly gorse bushes without being scratched is of course not the primary intention of DERMATUff but it certainly is an advantage to anyone who enjoys walking, hiking or the outdoors whether they have thinning skin or not.

We live quite close to the Royal Marines Headquarters at Lympstone.  The Marines use another area of tremendous natural beauty in this locality, Woodbury Common, for their military exercises.  I have been told by contacts in the Marines that being scratched by these thorns is a serious risk and it is believed has led to necrotizing fasciitis. This is an extremely unpleasant bacterial infection which causes a fever and can cause death if not treated rapidly and properly.

We intend to shortly ask the Marines to carry out some trials using DERMATUff’s which we believe will give them a considerable level of protection.

Peter Thornton