The partial results of the STOPCUTS study funded with a £250,000 grant by the National Institute for Health Research under their Research for Patient Benefit scheme have been announced.

The purpose of the Randomised Controlled Trial was to test the research method for measuring the effectiveness of the Dermatuff Thin Skin Protection Socks. This was successful and because of that a further application for funding for a much bigger trial is now being prepared.

But in addition and of great importance to Dermatuff users, the trial did also indicate the very successful performance of the Socks in preventing skin tears. There were two groups of participants, in the first group of 44 vulnerable people who wore the protective socks continuously, only 2 skin tears occurred and these were very minor, in the second (control) group of 46 participants who did not wear the Protective Socks but who wore normal clothing 21 tears occurred.

The results of the pilot study have been welcomed by the Government.
The Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman, MP, says: “Research in NHS hospitals benefits NHS patients. This exciting trial could help prevent thousands of older patients from needing to undergo treatment for painful skin tears and leg ulcers, and could help save time for hardworking community nurses all over the UK. That’s why we have committed to invest £1 Billion every year of this Parliament in NHS research through the national NIHR network of research centres, funding world-class research to help NHS patients and avoid unnecessary treatment costs.”