Thin Skin Protection Sleeves / Arm Protectors


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The patented DERMATUff arm protectors offer protection against skin tears, skin flaps and lacerations. Thin skin tends to be a prevalent issue as we age and even a minor bump or fall can cause long-lasting and painful skin tears or bruises. The DERMATUff arm protectors can be worn on your arms or legs to protect your thin skin from such occurrences.

“Provides impact resistance in a similar manner to body armour”

You may be wondering how DERMATUff arm protectors are different to normal arm warmers. Well, our thin skin protectors are made with impact resistant yarns spun from Kevlar® by DuPont along with elasticated nylon. This provides impact resistance in a similar manner to body armour. DERMATUff thin skin arm protectors are CE marked Class 1 Medical Devices. This means they have been clinically evaluated and proved to work as intended.

Some people prefer to use the sleeves for leg protection rather than use the leg protectors. In this case you can wear the sleeves on your legs. Click here to view the separate size table and for more information about using sleeves as leg protectors.


Please scroll down the page to view the full sizing information for wearing the sleeves on your arms. To view the sizing chart for wearing the sleeves on your legs, click here.


UK Shipping – £3.50 for up to 10 pairs.
Overseas Airmail – £7.50 for up to 10 pairs.


Product Features

Please note that ‘Sleeves’ and ‘Arm Protectors’ are two terms used interchangeably for the same product.

  • Our patented thin skin arm protectors are unisex.
  • The looping creates a cushioning and impact resistant effect and the purpose spun yarn further impact, cut, tear and abrasion resistance.
  • The combination of the materials and construction work in a similar manner to body armour.
  • Three different sizes are available; Small, Medium and Large.
  • The arm protectors are designed for multiple usages with washing between each usage.
  • Above 180 washings, the sleeves may begin to loose their efficacy. This would equate to one year’s use if just two pairs are used and washed after each day’s usage.
  • The sleeves can be used as leg protectors instead of socks, if the dimensions are right.
  • CE marked and registered with the MHRA as a Medical Device Class I.

Size selection

Select the size nearest to your own measurements.

  • Measure the circumference in centimetres of your upper arm just above your elbow and the circumference of your wrist
  • If your forearm size is wider than normal decide on a larger sleeve size
  • If your forearm size is narrower than normal decide on a smaller sleeve size

Sleeve Size

Circumference of Forearm above Elbow

Circumference of Wrist

Length of Wrist to Elbow

Large 30 cm to 42 cm 21 cm to 32 cm 30 cm to 38 cm
Medium 24 cm to 36 cm 16 cm to 24 cm 25 cm to 30 cm
Small 18 cm to 26 cm 13 cm to 20 cm 20 cm to 25 cm


For much more information and to find answers to your questions, visit our FAQs section before obtaining your sleeves.

International customers

DERMATUff ship globally and we have a couple of distributors around the world. When buying directly from our site, international shipping is £7.50 for up to 10 pairs. To purchase directly from our Swedish partners, click here. To purchase directly from our Norwegian partners go to https://dermatuff.no/ If you are resident in Australia  then we would like to refer you to https://www.seddonmobilityandcomfort.com.au/

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What our customers are saying

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one week free of bruises

Thank you so much for your fantastic product I am a week free of new bruises on my arms , carn’t wait for my leg protectors to arrive, I will be able ... view more

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These are FANTASTIC, I Can’t understand how my legs are ALWAYS comfortable whatever the weather, just having a HEAT WAVE, yet they remain cool. I only... view more

by Gerda on Dermatuff

Why do so few people know about your wonderful product and why is it so hard to find? My mother in law has been sufferering from fragile skin for some... view more

Thanks Gerder! It is frustrating that thin skin is relatively unknown still but awareness is improving. As for colours, we are working on it but Kevlar is naturally bright yellow, it can be dyed black but colours are difficult.

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Available sizes and colours


Large, Medium, Small


Black, Oatmeal