Using DERMATUff Sleeves as Leg Protectors

This information is useful if you are considering wearing the sleeves on your legs as leg protectors for thin skin on legs, rather than wearing socks with feet.

It should be noted that these dimensions are minimum and not exact. The sleeves are made on a sock machine and because of the nature of the machine and of the materials there can be variation in the sizes produced.

There is a considerable degree of stretchiness in either direction in order to allow for the products to fit a greater variety of actual limb sizes.

Some slight pressure is necessary in order for the sleeves not to slip down, but it is important to not apply too much pressure to the legs if you have vascular problems. The pressure applied increases with the width expansion but also the length decreases. If you have concerns about this then please refer to your medical adviser.


Measurements for Using Sleeves as Leg Protectors:


Circumference at top: 42 cm

Circumference at bottom: 32 cm

Length top to bottom: 45 cm


Circumference at top: 36 cm

Circumference at bottom: 24 cm

Length top to bottom: 37 cm


Circumference at top: 30 cm

Circumference at bottom: 24 cm

Length top to bottom: 32 cm