It has been quite warm lately and tomorrow (29th June 2019) is forecast to be a hot day for many people in Britain, particularly in London and the East of England. According to the Met Office, temperatures could reach 34C in the East. ☀️

Ensure you stay safe in the heat by following these tips:

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and if you go outdoors, ensure you bring water with you

2. Ensure you apply plenty of high quality sunscreen

3. Take a spray bottle of water with you outdoors to help cool yourself down

4. Wear loose, light weight clothing and a hat

5. Cover windows that are exposed to direct sunlight and close your curtains/blinds

6. Have a cold bath/shower or use a cold flannel to cool down

7. If you are driving, ensure you check over your car (coolant, tyre pressure and oil) to avoid your car overheating

Remember, you can still wear your Dermatuff socks and sleeves as they are designed to be warm in Winter but cool in Summer!

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