We offer Thin Skin Protection Socks and Thin Skin Protection Sleeves for fragile skin, this problem can be largely prevented using our thin skin tear protectors, thus allowing older people to avoid much suffering, go about with greater confidence and get much more enjoyment.

“Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer”

Our range is for Men and Woman. We have several different sizes depending on your body size and shape. Simply choose the colour you like and then select your desired size.

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We provide a simple, wearable, inexpensive and flexible protective  system for those vulnerable to abnormal risk of skin tears as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities. Our thin Skin protectors can be used by males and females.

Not only do we offer thin skin protection socks and thin skin protection sleeves available to buy in the UK, but we can also sell to anywhere in the world. People are suffering from thinning skin wherever people are living longer into their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and above.

Initially we wish to help the elderly who with advancing years are at increasing risk of serious injury and loss of confidence particularly from fragile and weak skin disorder. Later we will introduce products for those taking part in risky work or pleasure activities.

If you have any pre-sales or after sales questions, please feel free to call us on 01395548199.

What Our Customers are Saying

Thank you so much for your response.  It means a lot to our family. Keep up the good work, you are helping people all over the world with your revolutionary product.

Thanks Dermatuff!

Grant C Slavin

I don’t suffer from thin skin in either the physical or the metaphorical sense but what I do have is very painful arthritis in my elbows. The gentle pressure applied by DERMATUff Sleeves reduces the pain considerably.

Bill Maynard

I have received my order and want to thank you for all your help. Your product is exceptional. I had ordered a few other brands and was not able to use them for my father. They were either too thin or the size was not as stated. I am extremely pleased with these and so is my father. I thank you again for your help. I am sure I will be ordering again in the future.

Cindy Gaucher

I have weak skin on my legs and I bruise very easily. With the Dermatuff stockings I have not suffered any damage. My greatest pleasure and delight was when I hit my leg at home against a hard low metal radiator, and dreaded looking to see the damage, anticipating a gash or very bad tear,  only to find that there was no damage at all.  I could not believe it.”

Patricia Wilson

I was recently delighted to come across a description of your product in the September issue of the ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine. A brilliant idea! It is on page 86 under a sub-heading – ‘5 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Health In September, Help Thin Skin’. Having a husband who takes Warfarin on a daily basis and does, as a result, along with the effects of age, suffer from thin skin – I was especially interested. He also enjoys DIY but of course this frequently gives rise to knock’s, bruises, abrasions and cuts! In an attempt to provide him with some degree of protection, I fitted him out with my own version of arm protectors consisting of double layers of the tubular bandage ‘Tubigrip’ which has been fairly successful. However, of course your product, incorporating Kevlar sounded ideal and I wasted no time in ordering them online. In fact they arrived today, are comfortable, a perfect fit and have now been given a place next to his tool box! So a big thank you from us both for hopefully a future with less trauma in the Cottrell household!

Morag Cottrell

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